Phone Wagon

What is Phone Wagon?

Phone Wagon allows us to record all of our phone calls and also track them as conversions inside of Google Ads. 

We also setup dynamic call tracking. This means when someone clicks on one of your ads and visits your landing page, the phone number gets switched out to another number. This data (what the person searched before they clicked on the ad) is sent to Google Analytics, then to Google Adwords and shows me which keywords are leading to conversions.

The only information you need to be aware of regarding Phone Wagon is that you can log in and listen to your phone calls (we send you the login). Many times we will setup a whisper message that says, “Google Ads” or “Limo Marketer” so you know the calls are coming from us. As soon as you answer the phone, you hear this.

Whenever you use a service like Phone Wagon or Call Rail robo calls can happen, but we need to record these calls for tracking purposes so there’s really no way around it.


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